Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mizuno Wave Creation 7: Best Shoe EVER

I am now on my third Wave Creations and I don't think that I will buy another running shoe as long as they keep making the Wave Creation. Mizuno has really stepped up their place in the runners circle. The New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon held in Long Branch NJ this past weekend was put on by Mizuno and they did a great job, quick dry shirts and hat, but back to the shoe. It is for a neutral foot-types, light and durable. I have used them in the winter, summer and under wet conditions and they hold up. The sole on my second pair delaminated, it was after I had put in well over 500 miles on them so to me it was ok. I have used them for every triathlon I have done, the only thing that I have changes out was the laces with Lock Laces. Lock Laces make it very easy to slipped them on and off for the quick transition from bike to run.
Check the out!Mizuno Wave Creation

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