Sunday, April 16, 2006

Waterproof Headphones

The swimming part of training for triathlons can get very boring and after 6000 yard can drive you nuts. I use my iPod Shuffle for running and biking. I have looked and searched for headphone that could take the punishment of hours in the water. These are great, I need to wear a cap but I can hear the music. It is not crystal clear but something is better than nothing. "Quality Headphones designed to be 100% waterproof with or without the ear bud covers. The headphones are completely submergible and in the water the ear bud covers keep the water out of your ears and hold earphones in. On dry land, remove the covers and use them as standard headphones - they are completely weather proof and even sweatproof - so nothing's going to hold you back from your workout or playtime."
Check em out! The Waves Waterproof Headphones

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