Thursday, September 07, 2006

Polar and the Treo 650, Great Together

VidaOne is some cool technology, they allow you to take the data from several Polar devices and transfer it to the Treo 650 or PocketPC seamlessly. At first they allow you to have 10 trial transfers then you have to pay a small fee, I understand that Polar sends software with their watches but the ease of use and set up compared to doing it on your PC is night and day (Polar should take notice).

Keep in mind I don't have to have the USB IR interface (the white wand), now I know that Polar has come out with a new device that works a little better but I have not had the chance to review it just yet. Straight and simple watch+Treo 650=data. NICE.
Also no more MAC vrs. PC problem.

MySportTraining Polar for Palm OS
MySportTraining for Palm OS 3.2.5 or newer

One of the following Polar heart rate monitors (all other Polar models, including the S810 and 820i models, are not supported):
One of the following Palm OS handheld models. Models that are not listed may very well work; if you've successfully tested on a device not listed below, we would be grateful if you could let us know. Thank you!
Handspring Visor Pro
Kyocera 7135
Palm Vx
Palm m505 (with S710 only)
PalmOne LifeDrive
Palm T|X
Palm Z22
Palm Zire 31, 72
Sony CLIE TJ-25
Sony CLIE TJ-37
Sony CLIE TH-55
Sony CLIE UX-50
Treo 650
Tungsten C
Tungsten E2
Tungsten T3
Tungsten T5:

Check it out!

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