Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Better than Insurance: STUFFBAK

Well with all the high tech goodies that are being bought, you think that someone would have thought of this sooner! Gold's gym and I am sure many other used to have this key faub, if you lost you keys then people could just mail them back to the gym and with the serial number on the faub, they were able to match who ever lost their keys. Well now you have this for all your devices, they advertise an-
ON THE GO PACK: A great introduction to StuffBak's service. Covers 5 essential items, from MP3 players to digital cameras to laptops. NEW! Free returns for 2 years! $9.95.
Once you get the StuffBak labels enter them at the site and you are done. Now they can't guarantee that people return your laptop but they will give you $20 if you do. I know it's hard to return a $3,500 Mac 17 inch laptop but hey some protection is better then none.
Check it out. StuffBak

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