Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Let me Enter Train you: The Entertrainer

Not sure how to start this post, I could go into how fat america is, how we are consumed by TV, fast food, movies and video games but that would be stating the obvious. I could talk about the healthcare business and obesity being in the hundreds of millions of dollars each year, so I won't, what I will do is tell you about this little device that does not take you away from the things that you love to do but makes you want to do them more because you have too, if you want to continue. What is this you ask well it is called the Entertrainer, great name and idea, it is a heart rate monitor and device that hooks up to your TV. Simple idea if your heart rate drops below the programed beats per minute then the TV shuts off.
"Here’s how it works…
Set TheEnterTrainer® to the exercise program you want (Fat Burn, Cardio, Aerobic or any doctor approved workout regimen).  Strap on The EnterTrainer® heartrate monitor (an $89 value – included!).  Then start exercising.  This ingenious fitness device samples your heartrate and controls your TV in direct relation to your workout goals.  Not working hard enough – the volume goes down…and if you don’t get back on target the TV turns off!"

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