Monday, November 28, 2005

Outdoor Sports Computer

Well another great device for monitoring outdoor activity, FRWD started by a couple of Fins, the inventor was left behind by his Mt. Bike buddies, thinking he was in great shape he started to think about how he could improve, what went wrong, how he could compare results from one workout to the next. FRWD is an Outdoor Sports Computer, it show and records all information geared towards exercise.
"This is how it’s done:
1) Record the information with the FRWD Recorder Unit.
2) Wear the Heart Rate Transmitter Belt to collect heart rate data.
3) Look at performance graphs and numbers real-time on your mobile phone with the FRWD Mobile Player software.
4) Relive, replay, analyze and compare sport performances afterwards on your computer with the FRWD Replayer PC Software."
It even has a mobile player through Nokia, who in my opinion is pushing the ground in mobile technology and sports, any way check it out.

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