Friday, November 18, 2005

Weather Station: Outside or Gym

Talk about helping an athlete out, it's dark, cold, snowing, raining or just miserable out, here on the east coast. If you are like other fitness buffs, you get up early to exercise whether it at the gym or running outside. Well Oregon Scientific has made it a bit easier to get out of bed in the morning. They have come out with the Complete, Real-Time Regional Weather Data Without Sensors. This thing is great, as we know or don't Fossil and MSN Direct came out with a watch that updates itself using radio waves. A nice idea but not for a watch, MSN has now teamed up with Oregon Scientific giving athletes a chance against the weather. You can now wake up and get a good picture of what is happening in your area, so that you can plan your fitness/training goal for the day. "This weather console uses the MSN Direct service to receive regional weather information without the use of any outdoor sensors. For the first time, weather enthusiasts can get real-time, 3-day weather forecast information, including the chance of precipitation. By just plugging in the weather station within specified MSN Direct coverage areas, users can receive regional wind, rain, temperature, humidity, and even NWS warning information from MSN Direct’s FM signals." To see if you have coverage in your area, then check out the weather station and a boat load of other cool devices offered from Oregon Scientific

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