Monday, November 14, 2005

Endless Pool, Swim in Place

This takes a turn on the regular "technology" post dealing with fitness currently viewed but I thought this was worth mentioning. I have seen this in the magazines and even read about it in the New York Times, you can swim endlessly in place without turns, counting laps and dealing with the crowds. You can adjust the in speed from a gentle flow to a racer's pace by simply turning a knob, as you advance turn it up. The Standard System includes an 8'x15' free standing Pool (7' x 14' x 39" swim area), 5 HP stainless-steel Water Propulsion System, Water Quality System (cartridge filter, circulating pump, timer, 5.5 kw electric heater, pool water purifier), Floating Thermal Cover, Dark Blue Liner, Pool Vacuum, and Aqua Aerobics Exercise Bar. They even have testimonials from triathletes, Tim DeBoom, Barb Lindquist, Heather Fuhr, Ken Glah: and Nicole DeBoom to name a few. Check it out.
Endless Pool

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