Monday, November 21, 2005

NEMO AirSupported Tents

I know that most of you are thinking that this might be full of hot air, well from what I have read and the awards that Nemo has won that well they might have something here. Nemo is also Times best invention 2005 award winner. So how does it work and does it, well there are no rods to assemble the tent with, throw it on the group us the pump provided to save time or do it yourself in a little more time and you are done. "The heart of NEMO AirSupported Technology is the use of patent pending twin-shell redundant airbeams to create remarkable strength and reliability at very low pressures. Every airbeam has a rugged outer fabric which gives it its shape and strength and a stretchy inner bladder which holds the air. Redundant means that the airbeam is actually a pair of inflatable beams, allowing you to disconnect a damaged beam and still enjoy a good night's sleep." Check it out

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