Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Powerweb Technology - Adidas

Thanks to Gizmag for blogging on this cool suit. Adidas is really starting to lead the way in technology improving exercise. In the past year Adidas has worked with Polar to bring the heart rate and mileage counter into one device that you wear. As I was reading this story about Powerweb technology this takes it to another level.
Innovative Technology "Powerweb bands link the legs and the upper body with the powercentre of the body. Through the interaction of all muscles, greater efficiency is achieved –the athletes feel a support function which automatically helps them to maintain a more upright position. The Powerweb technology serves as energy management. TPU power bands embodied in the suit along key muscle groups contract and expand together with the muscles and thereby store energy when stretching and return this energy again when contracting back. adidas equipped athletes will compete in the Turin with a completely newly designed range. Instead of having the classical Three Stripes the number "3" will be used as a new design element. By using a row of "3's" in a playful and creative way, the originator of this collection is clearly adidas."
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