Monday, February 27, 2006

onyerbike, the first folding full suspension bike

The first folding full suspension bike that only weights 36 pounds, not bad considering most full suspension bikes weight about the same. The onyerbike is made out of aluminum, firstly it provides the rider with a comfortable and safe ride over varying terrains and secondly it reduces the vibration and impact on the hinged frame. The Hawk the top of the onyerbike line has Teny Rims, Top Gun lock out adjustable fork, Kind Shock air suspension, Sram 27 speed cassette gears, Sram X9 trigger shifters, Shimano Accera front deraileur, Maxxis High Roller Semi Slick tires and a slew of other components. I have to say the folding bikes of the past have just been put out to the trash after seeing this puppy.
check it out! onyerbike

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