Friday, February 19, 2010

MyNextFit - Keychain Trainer

MyNextFit is changing the way that we exercise. Some of us have iPods, some employ trainers, we watch DVD's, this is all of those wrapped into one. This is great and getting closer to capturing the essence of getting into shape.

The NextFit Keychain Trainer is the world's first anywhere, anytime personal trainer.

Using the Keychain Trainer is simple: plug it into any internet-connected computer, and you're instantly connected to the first-ever technology behind NextFit, with dozens of coaches, thousands of exercises, and millions of possible workouts.

Each new session is automatically loaded to your Keychain Trainer for you. You just put on the headphones, press play on the Keychain Trainer, and listen as your trainer guides you to your fitness goals.

Since it's based on exclusive "Dynamic Media Production" technology, your Keychain Trainer creates each workout instantly, and adapts each day's session based on whether you're working out at home or at the gym, or whether you thought the last session was too easy or too difficult.

Put simply, you have to hear it to believe it; it's like having a fitness DVD that's different every time you play it. And this technology is patent-pending and exclusive to NextFit.

The technology inside NextFit is so unique, it's patent pending:

> The smart system inside NextFit recreates the actual experience
and expertise of having your own personal trainer

> Each session is custom-tailored for your day-to-day needs,
whether you're a beginner or a pro (your trainer even calls you
by name)

> 8 patents pending on the technology inside NextFit

What really makes NextFit special is that you get access to the best trainers and coaches in the industry:

> You can get fit with "America's Trainer" Kathy Smith, David Kirsch
(who trains Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway), running guru Jeff
Galloway, and dozens more "best in the world" coaches

> More than 2,500 exercises, hundreds of kinds of equipment, and
150,000 audio clips form the world's largest audio exercise library

> Unlimited access to every fitness category, from walking to weight
training to yoga
Your NextFit sessions are combined with fun, energizing music:

> NextFit includes over 100 tracks of professionally-
engineered fitness music

> No more boring workouts; just relax, move to the beat,
and enjoy your sessions

> Studies show your body actually works better with
music: you burn more calories and lose more weight

The end result is that NextFit makes it fun to start moving and get fit. Just follow your trainer, listen to your music, and reach your goals; it's that simple!