Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bikes That Are Better Than Your Car!

This coming from Fast Company you know the world is changing or at least starting to look at things differently. Also take into account that these bikes might cost more than your first car or even worse the car you have now. Triathlete's and other high end sports addicts will send more on their equipment than they might on other things like, homes, cars, general living stuff. This article really does point to the high end of bike designs and equipment.
Here are the SIX bikes, for a complete break down go to, Six Bikes That Are Better Than Your Car
  1. Trek Top Fuel 69er
    Best for: Cross country trail riding. While the 69er is dual suspension -- both wheels can absorb impacts using air-sprung shock absorbers -- it’s built lightweight with an aggressive rider position, allowing it to climb efficiently and absorb fast descents with equal aptitude.
  2. Intense M6
    Best for: Downhill riding and racing. They may not look like it, but downhill bikes are more than motorcyles sans engine. Downhill riders have to be able to carve down the side of a mountain the way a snowboarder might, while maintaining enough control to thread themselves between trees and around sharp corners. That means light-but-strong componentry and a very calculated rider position.
  3. Kona CoilAir Deluxe
    Best for: All-mountain riding. All-mountain combines the pedaling and varying terrain of cross-country with more aggressive terrain and bigger obstacles.
  4. Specialized S-Works Ruby SL
    Best for: Expert and Professional-level road riding and racing. This bike would not be entirely out of place at the Tour de France -- except for the woman riding it.
  5. Calfee Bamboo Bike
    Best for: Expert and Professional-level road riding and racing. While it’s just as much a piece of artistry as a piece of machinery, the bamboo bike doesn’t have to be treated specially, and can be ridden like any other high-end bike.
  6. Orbea Ordu

    Best for: Time-trial road racing, in which riders race against the clock instead of head-to-head. Since the fastest time wins in TT racing and every millisecond counts, riders are outfitted with aerodynamic helmets and shoes and race in a tucked-down position.
WOW, bikes start at $2,000 and go to $6,000.