Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Keeping SunScreen On!

Finding a product that stays on and keeps you protected is hard, now SCAPE comes to the rescue.
In the words of Dr. Martens…
1. Formula is 5x More Waterproof, Sweatproof and Doesn’t Clog Pores “Traditionally, sunscreens use oil to achieve waterproofing.
We developed a polymer matrix that bonds to your skin to make it waterproof. This creates an ultra thin Gore-tex-like layer on the skin and to hold the suncreeen in place even if you sweat for a long time or are in the in water. Most importantly, it doesn’t block pores so you can still sweat.”
2. Top-of-the-Line UVA Protection
“SCAPE provides the highest level of UVA protection possible. Plus, the formula includes antioxidants that remove free radicals from skin for cellular protection.”
3. Stringent Unbiased Testing
“When sunscreen companies do waterproof testing, it’s usually 20 people in a pool for 80 minutes—no movement and no towel-off when they get out. Then SPF test is done. This has nothing to do with an athlete’s reality. So we designed a much more stringent test. We exposed our product to stricter conditions both on athletes and in the lab. Plus, we had an independent lab doing the testing as well—not just us.”
4. Athlete-Tested Outside the Lab
“Additionally, it was important that we tested our product in real life, so we teamed with volleyball players, surfers, endurance athletes, etc, for testing. That was a crucial part missing in product development with other companies. You can only test products so much in a lab—eventually you have to put it in a real-world application, and we did that.”