Friday, January 27, 2012


Magrette a New Zealand watch company, has some wonderful designed watches. The Regattare, is simple, yet elegant, rugged and sophisticated. A watch that can be worn everyday. It has automatic movement, and two bands, rubber and leather. The bezel works a bit different than normal, you adjust it with a turn of the adjustment dial, like you would the time, eliminating any problems you might have while underwater, like bumping it or rubbing up against something, turn the bezel to a different time.

One concern I have, after wearing the watch for a couple hour of receiving it the pin came out, watch dropped to the floor, lucky I was on a carpet. I have set Dion a message, let's hope he gets back to me. I will keep all posted. A nice screw in pin like other watches of this quality would have been a better choice, especially if you are changing the bands often.