Monday, March 26, 2012

Holtkamper Kyte, Beautiful Design, What's Not To Love!

Going camping is sometimes a hassle, not with the HoltKamper. Set it and forget it. Almost like having your house at a campsite.
The Kyte pole-free awning is truly one-of-of-a-kind, worldwide. The pole-free awning 'floats' above the ground, without the need for any loose upright poles to support it. That places all of the awning space at your disposal! All you need to do is tighten the outer ends of the awning: the pole-free awning requires no ropes at all. The suspended carbon mast of the pole-free awning keeps the entire awning taught, even during storms. 
Bert Holtkamp, the Kyte's designer: "At our 'test rock' off the coast of Normandy the Kyte has had some very stormy conditions to contend with during the past few months. The pole-free awning is built in such a way that simply nothing can go wrong with it. The endurance test proves that beyond doubt." When the Kyte is folded in and out, the awning stays connected to the mast. Because of this, positioning the mast is a piece of cake. The carbon fibre makes the mast extremely strong, but at the same time very lightweight. In no time at all you transform a few metres of fabric into a majestic kite.
Sophisticated Roof.
The pole-free awning runs seamlessly into the Roof Extensions, which have been especially designed for the Kyte. These self-bearing roofs shield the windows and the side wall of the main tent against rain and direct sunlight
Control the climate.
The Kyte is equipped with a worldwide patented system for ventilation, insulation and condensation prevention: the Holtkamper Membrane Airco Tent system. Once you've used this system once, you'll never want to do without it. During hot weather (above 30 degrees) you open the roof and the hot air flows out of the tent. At the same time the sun is prevented from reheating the air in the tent: the air under the outer roof escapes straight away as soon as the sun causes the temperature to rise.