Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Lunar Rock Climbing and Computerized Boxing!

Well things are getting cooler and cooler in the fitness market. It doesn't matter how much money you hav, maybe you can talk your gym into buying one of these cool devices.


Nexersys is leading a fitness revolution, and pioneering the expanding “Exergaming” market with the iNTELLIGENT and iNTERACTIVE Nexersys. Combining the latest in exercise equipment and interactive gaming, Nexersys is a professional-grade multimedia fitness product that delivers the motivation of a personal trainer, the benefits of a mixed martial arts high-intensity interval training workout, and the entertainment and feedback available from today’s gaming and computer technology. Nexersys provides a unique combination of cardio, strength, endurance, and mental acuity training in a single, revolutionary piece of equipment.
Our Vision is to revolutionize the workout experience by engaging users with relevant and effective training content that encourages continued participation and provides measurable results.
Our Commitment is to deliver Best In Class fitness and gaming products to our Home & Commercial customers in support of our mantra; User Experience is Everything!
Our Promise is to provide engagement and service to all Nexersys customers which exceeds their expectations and guarantees their total satisfaction with their Nexersys experience.

Lunar Rock Climbing "Nova"

A “slicker and smarter” climbing wall

Fast Company this week features Nova, our new concept for a home climbing wall that reinvents home exercise.
“Pro gear is out of place,” FastCo’s Belinda Lanks quotes LUNAR Europe. “Since it lived in the gym, no one has re-considered the design.” That is, until the Munich-based design studio decided to put its spin on the climbing wall, transforming the standard pebble-like holds into a wall art comprised of indented ripples.
“The conceit behind Nova–to make gym equipment less of an eyesore–is smart,” says Lanks. “And the UI details are clever.”
Nova is helping transforming perceptions of how training equipment formerly relegated to the gym can be reimagined for home.