Thursday, July 11, 2013

A ‘SMART’ BALL, Basketball That Is!


  • Instant feedback - shot by shot or every dribble 50 different head-to-head competition choices 
  • Skill-based leveling workouts that get more difficult as you improve 
  • QuickTrain shot analyzer for shot speed, shot arc, and backspin 
  • QuickTrain ball-handling for power dribbling, speed dribbling, and off-hand dribbling 
  • Works with Android 4.0 and greater and iOS 5.0.5 
  • Stores workout and competition history for up to 4 players for 3 months 
  • Indoor/Outdoor synthetic leather cover 
  • Wireless recharging and up to 8 hours of battery life Up to 90 ft. range from hand held 
  • Men's and women's/youth sizes
Used in conjunction with the four included training apps – including one allowing head-to-head competition against anyone, anywhere also using the technology – 94Fifty provides players instant feedback and hard data, allowing information to be processed in real time, facilitating faster improvement.
The basic philosophy is simple: That which gets measured can be improved, and too many aspects of training in basketball aren’t measured. A coach can call a jump shot “too flat,” lacking the proper arc to go in consistently, but that language is imprecise. Instead, the ball will communicate the exact angle of a shot to a smart phone and tablet. If 45% is what a player needs, he’ll quickly learn what that looks and feels like coming out of his hand.