Tuesday, October 22, 2013

iWatch, Apples Jump Into Wearable Electronics!

Could this be it! We are all wishing for it, I wear a watch everyday, then I switch to my running watch, then if I am working outdoors, to another. One Watch all the time would be great. Have the ability to see who is calling, play a song, messages, calendar items, meetings, well you get the idea. Now this one looks just like the Nike Fuel Band, but you have to start somewhere and with Nike and Apples partnerships in the past, why over think the concept.

"Though tomorrow's Apple event is shrouded by the usual air of mystery, there will almost definitely be news about a new iPad. The future is less certain for iWatchhopefuls, but in the meantime you can check out this incredibly slick-looking faux mockup of an Apple smartwatch by Berlin-based engineer Thomas Bogner, who posted his concept to Dribbble earlier today.
Bogner, a Nike FuelBand owner, calls his mockup "the bastard child of a Fuel Band [sic] and an iPhone."
Though neither Bogner nor his design have anything to do with Apple, his mockup, whose display features both vertical and horizontal scrolling, evokes some of that glossy, sell-worthy sheen Apple would need to pull off to convince as-yet skeptical consumers that smartwatches are the new smartphones." From Fast Company