Friday, January 31, 2014

ShoreTrax, Portable Bike Course!

The Shoretrax system has all the excitement of a traditional fixed mountain bike trail but is fully portable and adapts to suit riders of any age or skill level. The track height can be adjusted from flat to upright and any number of twists and turns can be created to suit the rider’s level of technical ability. Shoretrax can also be used inside or outside and on any type of floor surface.
Although the Shoretrax system takes its inspiration from traditional mountain bike trails, you can ride the track on any type of bicycle including BMX bikes. This fully portable and interchangeable track system delivers the thrill and excitement of riding a mountain bike trail in the mountains to your event, school, sports club, activity park or even your garden!
Our tracks are easy to assemble and setup using our unique tool free system and are feature packed and fully upgradeable because of Shoretrax’s patent pending modular design.
ShoreTrax it's not Cheap! $4000 US