Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pivotal Living, The Perfect Fitness Band!

What makes this perfect, $12, that right, by now most everyone has heard of Pivotal Living. They are the company that turned the wearable market on it ear. In a couple months last year they made such and impact that it completely changed everyone's marketing strategy. $12 for a band, brilliant, well its $12 a year for their services. Smart, considering most people stop wearing them after a couple months.
The interface and graphics are nice, there are some bugs but PL says they are working them out. To compensate all the early adopters they are giving users another year. So $12 for two years, again brilliant.
The best thing is the sleep alarm, it gently vibrates you awake. Hey if you only wear it to sleep, a $12 alarm is a steal.
Pivotal Living