Monday, June 06, 2016

OTTO | An Functional App Bike Tuning Kit!

OTTO Tuning System - 10 & 11 speed cassette

The OTTO Tuning System simplifies the rear derailleur adjustment process, giving everyone the power to adjust their bicycle with professional precision. It's a must for racers, mountain bikers, triathletes, enthusiasts and mechanics. This smart Tuning System uses your iPhone's camera and a set of engineered gauges to check shifting alignment, and provides verbal prompts that lead users through any needed adjustments. The App is free and offers progressive levels of functionality with both CHECK and TUNE options, as well as a multi bike profile feature.

Use OTTO before key events, after swapping wheel sets, when traveling with your bike, and with major component changes. Rides are better, smoother and race-ready. You will have confidence in your shifting and know it’s perfect.

Features & Benefits

Check: Verify rear derailleur alignment in less than a minute. Get your OTTO Index Score! A positive or negative score informs you whether to make counter-clockwise or clockwise barrel adjustments.
Tune: Full rear derailleur adjustment. In-App purchase required (7-day: $3.99 / 90-day: $11.99 / 1-year: $26.99)
Minimized Instructions are available for a faster experience.
Derailleur Angle & Twist measurements. Find out if your derailleur hanger is bent.
Compatible with Shimano or SRAM 10/11 speeds. iOS only (no Android or Campy).

Get it here for $39