Friday, September 16, 2016

Crazy Fast Tri Bike,

Crazy fast, Crazy fast, The Andean Project had one goal: to produce the best triathlon bike possible. A collaboration between Diamondback, KQ Studios, and unjaded aerodynamicists from outside the cycling industry, this bike achieves its singular purpose.

The Aero Core is the heart of Andean, and reflects our integrated design approach. This bike was designed from the center of the wheels—the least aerodynamic area—in towards the middle of the frame, then up. The Aero Core is the result: one large airfoil, it begins with the front wheel, transitions over the bottom bracket and exits off the rear wheel. Laminar flow across the entire system is improved, dramatically reducing drag at every yaw angle.

This is going to change everything, with thinking like this and everyone wanting to go faster, the ICU will have to make the change to the rules.