Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Helmet Cam

Simple and Sweet. This helmet cam from Viosport I spotted about 5 or 6 years ago, and should have gotten it then. I was racing almost every weekend and it would have helped me and my buddy Rick on finding the right lines and scouting the course. Well now they have 4 different products and one that you can use under water. It hooks up to your existing camcorder, that fits into your pack and then strap's to the helmet. The Adventure Cam 3 kit includes.
-Coveted Sony Ex-View® CCD and the power of Viosport behind it.
-5 optional lenses allow a wide range of both telephoto and wide-angle views. (sold separately) Compare FOV
-5 levels of Neutral Density (sun) filters will eliminate that purple snow due to filming in extremely bright conditions. (sold separately)
-Newly designed 5-ft coiled cable provides strain relief and keeps your cord in check.
-Patent Pending A/V cable includes a high gain integrated microphone.
A great value at $330.00 VioSport

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