Monday, March 12, 2007

Run Away: Shoe Adaptor for the Ipod Sports kit

Well as I said when the Nike+iPod Sports Kits came out that Nike+iPod missed the boat and should not excluded the masses not wearing Nike shoes. Funny thing is that when I wear my Mizuno I have on Performance socks and a slew of other product related garb on. My point is that they should not have cared about who's shoe it was going in, rather that millions were using it. So Run Away came up with a great solution at a even better price, $7.99! Here is how it works RunAway™ features the easiest installation and de-installation experience offered in the market. With their unique twist and lock pivoting mechanism, all you need to do is to slip it under your shoelaces, twist the unit 45 degrees till you hear a click sound, then you are ready for run! It even has a built in flight safety mechanism. With flight safety as an impeding public concern, wireless devices are not really welcomed while you travel. RunAway™ allows you to refrain from digging into your shoe to disable your transmitter. Forgot to bring a pen to disable it? No problem, RunAway™ features a finger friendly power button at the back of the unit so even the fattest finger can disable it with ease! As an added benefit, you can also use this button to prolong the battery life of the sensor!
Check it out! Run Away

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