Friday, March 23, 2007

Octane: Energizing Gel for your skin!

Panex Ginseng is another wonderful naturally found root that is being added to everything. Now I am curios about Octane, mostly because I am a marketers wet dream. That being said Ginseng is highly prized for its tonic action on the sexual function. Ginseng, which literally translated means "man root," enhances both the stimulatory and inhibitory process of the central nervous system, thus improving the adaptability of the nervous responses. Now we are going to rub this all over our body, this should really increase all sensors on the skin, I'm in! Here is what Octane says to do:
Octane at Use
The best times to try Octane™ are:
a. At work / school. A perfect aid to surviving long hours. Also, in the early mornings, if you have trouble getting out of bed. It's the point where you know you have to get out of bed but can't because you'd like to sleep a little longer!
b. After exercising. Could be in a gym or could be after a walk around the block. It's especially nice after any time you sweat.
c. Immediately after a warm shower
d. Any time you feel drowsy
e. Any time you feel excessively warm

Octane 4 Zones

1. Face and Head especially around eyes
2. Behind Ears
3. Behind Neck
4. Chest and Shoulders
Check it out! Octane

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