Monday, April 02, 2007

Water Sheer: Sulis, Personal Purification System

Since the LifeStraw was first reported on, many have tried to get into the space of water purification in third world countries, but none seem to have what it took until now, WaterSheer is a new product that is a simple as putting it into a bottle and drinking. Like the LifeStraw (the name implies what to do), you fill a bottle and place the Sulis over the top and drink.
Product Advantages
• Compact.
• Lightweight.
• Easy to operate.
• Low cost and efficient.
• Durable, long shelf life and service life.
• Treats most ground and fresh water sources.
The Sulis System consists of a durable and reusable unit with a long shelf and service life. Supplied as a personal kit. Simple, Check it out! WaterSheer

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