Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SportCount: Lap Counting Device

Now if you are a triathlete or competitive swimmer you know the long hours and laps that you put in at the pool. If you are like me then you have always looked for a better solution to counting laps (having your buddy at the end of the pool with a lap board does not help). A couple years ago I found these goggles, the Inview that displayed lap count and time elapsed on their lenses so swimmers can track their progress. That was pretty cool for an invention, still has not hit the market, why not they would sell like hot cakes!
So along comes SmartCount and things are looking up for swimmers. The SmartCount fits on your index finger (or any finger you chose) and with your thumb can click off the laps, not only that it also keeps track of your splits. Give timing statistics, displays split times and lap numbers, recall fastest, slowest and average lap times, and of course total laps swum. From the look of the website they are back ordered, check them out! SmartCount

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