Thursday, January 08, 2009

GameRunner, Something to do while on the treadmill!

It is that time of year CES is running and cool gadgets are a plenty. The health and fitness market always has demo's at CES. So it's no surprise that GameRunner has developed a better way to be in the game (virtually of course), first person and able to run/walk/sprint after your opponent. This changes how one react to being in a war situation, instead of thinking you are king of the world from your couch. Running after your target is the real first person, with out getting killed, you can really see who can outlast one another, you have to rest so hiding or ducking and cover comes into play.
What FPGameRunner is saying:
using exercise and video gaming into one exhilerating and healthy experience for game enthusiasts, the GameRunner is a revolution in medical science and electronic entertainment. The activity of playing a video game generally leaves players physically inactive for prolonged periods of time. The GameRunner solves this problem by allowing players to use their body to play games instead of having the player sit and use only their hands. Naturally this makes playing games on the GameRunner beneficial to your heath by burning calories and keeping your heart rate up.
Now go play.