Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Keeping Yourself Safe, Xtreme Sports ID

Competition on any front is a good thing, Road ID is one of the best pieces of equipment that you can buy for yourself. In case of an emergency, you are knocked out or anything else terrible happens RoadID has your back, all your information is printed on a band. That's great and also a bit scary, all your information is printed on the band. Well Xtreme Sports ID, your XTREME SPORTS ID wristband includes an 800 # and a unique 8-digit ID # to connect with our interactive phone system. XTREME SPORTS ID's Patent Pending, "Text-to-Voice" technology will quickly provide medical information for those assisting you in the event of an emergency. Including:
Who am I?
Emergency Contacts
Insurance Provider
Primary Physician
Medical Alerts / Allergies / Medications

*Where am I? This feature allows you to record your plans and sends an email to three personal contacts. (e.g. 11/23/08, Surfing at Honolua Bay, be back at 3:00 PM)

Your choice, I could really see a partnership with Lance to help push to the next level, since it is made from the same material.