Thursday, April 02, 2009

Superior Electrolyte Drink

A new superior electrolyte drink for better performance with less sugar from Scandinavia just released in USA

Electrolytes in fluid give a better chance for your body to obtain its peak performance, receiving maximum hydrationand sustained muscle activity than plain water and sugar based drinks. SportsAktive Easy a superior drink with more electrolytes than fluid endurance sports drink! SportAktive Easy is also enhanced with vitamins and antioxidants just for your performance!

- Restore electrolytes and fluid faster.
- Enhanced with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
- Taste and flavor developed to fit endurance athletes.
- Only 10 calories per 32 fl oz.
- Convenient and easy to mix, just drop and go.
- Best price per serving and 20 servings per tube.

SportAktive Easy are one of the best products on the US market today with a content based on the latest sports medicin and research literature on hydration and sport performance science. We have done effervescent electrolyte tablets since 1997.

Many of our athletes who buys SportAktive says that the taste is much better for athletes, it gives more servings than other products per container and the cost is less per serving. Plus that SportAktive have a superior content (electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants) compare to other products.

SportAktive USA Inc. is a US company with a background from Scandinavia, focused on endurance sports, training and fitness. Our product formula and ingredients have been developed in the field of sports medicine science and research in experience with athletes in Scandinavia since 1997.

SportAktive Easy is a FDA registered product.

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