Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chrome, the next Timbiktu (maybe)

Looking out for functional stuff is hard Timbuktu makes some of the best bags, they used to be part of the USAT Membership. That being said you just can't wear their bags out. However it seems like there is a new player in the works, ok maybe not new but up and coming CHROME, Chrome was founded in Boulder, CO by a couple of guys who needed a bag that lasted forever. They began sewing in their garage using the toughest material they could find. A company came out of that with a philosophy of building stuff that would function well in tough conditions and would last a lifetime.

Eight years later we moved our operations to San Francisco. Today, our production has outgrown the garage and we make our products all over the world. We remain committed to using the best materials, hardware and design to bring products to our customers that they can count on.

There's not a lot of nonsense in our gear, just materials and construction that serve a purpose and last a lifetime. We stand behind everything we make.

Now they make much more then just bags (don't they all), their Light Weight Shins Slate

  • Made of 4-way Tweeve™ Durastretch™ fabric, a durable, breathable fabric, that retains its shape and is also water-repellant
  • Cut high in back and low in front
  • Keeper pockets
  • Lightly padded chamois seat and inseam
  • Reinforced hem
  • Zipper and secured cargos
  • Articulated knees
  • Got to like when companies see a need and address it.