Thursday, May 14, 2009

ZIPP, Tangente Tubular Tires

They make some of the fastest wheels around ZIPP has now added tires to compliment their wheels.

"To cut through the wind, we've used our patented ABLC dimples to mitigate the "un-aero-ness" of a round shape at the wheel's leading edge. It took us 14 months and 2 trips to the wind tunnel to get it right, but the dimples will save you 1-3 watts, or up to 9 seconds over 40km. That's a big deal.
But the Tangente is not just a delicate special event tire. Thanks to our partnership with Vittoria, the Tangente sports a durable yet supple 290tpi casing. Because the dimpled pattern resists cracking so well, we're able to use an exclusive an extra-light rubber compound for low rolling resistance and high cornering grip in wet and dry conditions.
The Tangente's 21mm width optimizes aerodynamics, cornering ability, and durability. Average weight 282g, /- 15g. 38mm, overall length, approximately 34mm functional length. Includes tire pressure chart to optimize rolling resistance by rider weight and front/rear use."

With a wheel set why would you not buy the tire that matches or is at least designed for their wheels. Seems like a know brainer.