Thursday, April 08, 2010

Running Tights for Women and Men: Opedix Wellness Gear

So here is a company that seems to be pushing the compression boundaries to help individuals with joint problems, hey why not weave the support into the product if you can. That is what Opedix is trying to do, reduce pain, increase joint function and joint stability.

Opedix is Evidence Based Apparel®. Our running tights, posture shirts and ski/snowboard tights are proven, through scientific studies, to improve joint alignment in the knees and shoulders. This can increase stability and strength while also reducing wear and tear by 'unloading' the joints.

Using proprietary fabrics designed specifically for comfort and support, the Opedix Knee Support System utilizes a patent-pending anchor and sling design to provide support to the outside of the knee, which reduces the amount of damaging outward movement and decreases the stresses or “load” on the knee joint.