Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Silver Sport, Disinfectant Mat

This product should go to the top of everyones list, why, cause it keeps itself clean. So it might be better to learn how from the makers themselves, SilverSport.

Sanitization at the gym has moved beyond wiping down the bench or bike with a towel and disinfectant. It's gravitating toward self-cleaning equipment that wipes sweat away and keeps people protected from harmful bacteria.

A Pittsburgh-based company is making sure gym-goers have that kind of access to the equipment on which they might sweat the most. SilverSport, a brand derived from Eco Product Group, offers a workout towel, a Pilates roller and a yoga mat with what it calls its Silver Clean Zone. Each product represents one of those zones by using Terra Silver to eliminate more than 650 types of surface-borne, odor-causing bacteria.

Thomas Davis, president of Eco Product Group, told that nanosilver particles - up to 20,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair - are to thank for the equipment's odor-killing prowess.

"The material [in the products] is silver," Davis said. "Silver happens to be a natural anti-microbial. It fights bacteria naturally."

When activated by moisture - in this case, sweat - the nanosilver particles bind to the surface to rid the product of bacteria. That's why even though the towel doesn't technically have to be washed, its functionality is enhanced by running it through the washer. "Hypothetically, you don't need to wash the towel" for it to eliminate bacteria, Davis said, before pointing out that people will understandably want to wash it regularly to eliminate surface dirt.

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