Thursday, January 17, 2013

i'm here, GPS Tracking!

Things are getting smaller, and easier to hide or carry on a person. The i'm here is great, if you have children and want to give them a little freedom, while keeping your sanity. The world is a crazy place, why be tied down.

i’m Here is the most innovative and accurate GPS tracker the world has ever seen: a latest generation device able to locate anything or pinpoint your position upon demand or at regular intervals. It is so compact that you can take it everywhere and it can cover all your needs. Get your hands on it, available in seven different colors! i’m Here’s technology is simple and efficient: from your smartphone you connect to i’m Cloud, which asks the device to find its position. Once identified, it shows you its location on Google Maps. Using latest generation technology, i’m Here is able to transmit its location anywhere in the world. Its secret?

i’m Here uses its integrated SIM to access the global GSM mobile network to transmit its position. It does this upon demand, if you ask it via the i’m Cloud service, or automatically at pre-set intervals. This is useful, for example, when sailing or hiking alone, when you want to let others know your position or when you’ve finished and want to analyze your route. And in the pocket or on the wrist of your child, it becomes an invaluable safety device.

 At $170 it is a deal, what it does not say if there is an additional cost. Wait and see.