Tuesday, January 08, 2013

iSamrtAlarm - Keep your home and family safe

Making security affordable is important, many of us are paying services fees, monthly fees, set up fees and 90% of the time we are less than 10 miles from home. There has been those times that it has happened that you are away and your security companies calls you because the alarm is going off, that is rare.

We all have smart phone, I would rather pay the local police departments or municipalities a yearly fee for them to react when the alarm goes off. Now I am not sure how many false alarms there are in each city, I am sure it is not enough to turn down the money.

It seems as though there are more and more companies making Alarm systems affordable. Hey give me a  load siren, iPhone viewing capabilities and remote shutdown, sensors on the doors and I believe that is enough to keep people away.

iSmart Alarm Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 on the principles of safety, beauty, and intelligence. We designed and developed the best smartphone-enabled home security and home control system. Our products are cool, simple to use, and affordable to everyone. We protect your home intelligently!

To be the world leader in affordable, expandable, and innovative home technology and home security. To make your everyday life safer and more convenient.

Now this is the part that I like!
All devices are mobile and easy to use, no 3-year contracts and no monthly fees, customizable and expandable.