Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Simple Phone Sleeve, RichWorks

These cell phone sleeves are just plain beautiful. So beautiful in fact, it might take you a little longer to answer your phone or respond to that text. But does that really matter when your device travels in this much style? Didn't think so.

From Even Rich, Founder RichWorks
It’s been something of a dream or goal of mine to create and manage my own brand with its own products, to start something and just see what happens without much of a destination. It’s the kind of thing that lingers in the back of your mind for a while and you just let it marinate until you think it's ready. Well some time in the spring of 2013 it felt ready.
I purchased a new phone and obviously wanted to protect it, but I’ve always hated bulky hard cases and those wimpy snap on things that don’t offer any protection. As someone who takes care of my phone, I really didn’t need a bombproof case that turns your phone into the size of an early 90’s cell phone. Being someone who always wants something that no one else has, I figured I could whip something up.
I’ve always been into soft-goods and learned to sew pretty well in college so I took some left over nylon fabric I had and started sewing up some sleeve-like covers. Turns out they came out pretty cool so I ordered some more fabric in a few color ways and kept refining my design. When I presented my cell phone sleeves to friends and family, some of them loved it and just “got it” but others admitted being reluctant to using it because it wasn’t enough protection. A few people said the cell phone sleeve might not work for everyone but the same product intended for tablets and laptops would make a lot of sense. Obviously I expanded the lineup.
I hope to be able to expand the brand with all types of products. I’ve got a lot of diverse passions and different ideas for products that I’d love to be able to make and sell for people. RichWorks isn’t just about selling one type product or good; it’s really just a means to spread my idea’s to whoever cares to listen.

Thanks for checking out RichWorks and I hope you will spread the word about us If you appreciate our products!

                                                                                                            -Evan Rich