Saturday, January 07, 2006

Updated: Garmin 205 and 305 Forerunner released

As I said CES would produce some pretty cool technology, personal, business and home automation. Well I talked about the Garmin 205 and 305 a couple of post back but it's really here and I can't wait to get my hands on one. Heart Monitor, training center CD, docking cradle, A/C charger, PC/USB interface cable and a quick start manual all standard on the 305. It continuously monitors your heart rate, speed, distance, pace and calories burned so you can train smarter, more effectively. It tracks your every move with a super-sensitive GPS that even works on tree-covered trails and near tall buildings. Receive a detailed post-workout analysis when you up-load it to your PC, all on a watch not like the Timex that has the GPS unit that you where on your bicep. Sleek, stylish and easy enough to read and work.
Check it out. Garmin

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