Monday, January 02, 2006

Surefire's U2, see the light, Anytime!

Happy New year and I am excited about CES happening right now, there is going to be some really cool stuff at the show and really showing us what is ahead for this year. If you find yourself caught in darkness and need the sun, then look no further than Surefire's U2. This thing has 6 levels of output, made of aluminum with military specifications and runs on two lithium batteries (10 year shelf life). The U2 features a five-watt LED and as I said has 6 levels from find-my-keys to daytime (a searing 80 lumens at its highest setting and a click-on/off tailcap for self defense or emergency signaling). On the lowest setting you will get over 40 hours or life and 100 hours of negligible light. This is one of the best lights on the market with a price tag that reflects that as well, $279.
Check it out. Surefire U2

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