Monday, January 23, 2006

Virtual Partner: Tracking Your Course

No need to be scared this can be used for good, the World-Tracker can make sure that when running, biking, hiking or any reason that you might need to track someone that they are safe, from a distance that is. Now let's not get nervous that big brother is watching, based on text messaging to the person that you are tracking they must except the message by typing LOCATE, once that is done you can track their position. This is a pay service so you must enter a credit card just like EZ-Pass. Right now it is UK based but expect to see it soon in the US. At present, the greatest level of accuracy that you will get is to 150m radius of the phone. The accuracy is dependent on the density of base stations operated by Orange, Vodafone etc - and in many areas the accuracy will be several hundred metres, and even out to kilometres.

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