Thursday, December 29, 2005

Black Diamond Snow Shovel

A must have for any one that does back country snowboarding, skiing, snow shoeing and of course the extreme slider. This shovel like many from Black Diamond are light, durable, easy to use and made of aluminum. Many people find themselves in trouble in the back country from lack of equipment, along with a GPS or emergency beacon this shovel is one of the best pieces that you could own. Straight from Black Diamonds website. "Black Diamond embraces the concept of being prepared. We recommend that you assemble your own comprehensive backcountry and avalanche safety kit, filled with your own knowledge—whether gained by observation and personal experience, or learned from others. Complement this kit with our avalanche gear and the confidence of knowing it has been designed for use in the real world against real snow dragons."
Check it out. Tele Lynx Shovel

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