Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bike Trainer: Exercise all Winter Long

Well winter is on, they are calling for snow and lots of it this winter. Might as well get ready to train indoors for awhile and Blackburn has another great product, now I know that there are a lot of different trainers out but the cost this one is good. The new traction Ultra features our CENTRIFORCE resistance unit with a centrifugal clutch for amazingly smooth, silent and progressive resistance that feels just like a hard ride on the open road. And unlike magnetic and fluid trainers which lose speed quickly, CENTRIFORCE has a smooth rollout when coasting, so your pedal stroke feels more natural in the dead spots or when you ease up on the pedals.
The Ultra also features adjustable height, which allows the rear wheel to be as close as ¼” to the ground. No more phone book under the front wheel."
Check it out. Blackburn

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