Monday, December 26, 2005

Recharge your devices as you run: Scott eVest

Have you ever been riding or running and the battery dies on your iPod, fustrating to say the least it breaks your rythm and makes you crazy. Well the makers of Scott eVest have come up with this solar panel that attaches to most Version 4.0 jackets and Version 3.0 Finetex jackets. Material is waterproof FineTex. Use ths device with the Tactical 4.0, versatile Microfleece Pullover is a wardrobe necessity--at least according to everyone at SeV headquarters, where this has become a voluntary uniform! The lightweight, breathable and wicking fabric is great for hiking, biking, travel..everything! The pullover has 5 pockets, including a specially designed chest pocket with a ZIP-PIP for sunglasses and "back-up," patent-pending magnetic closures. The Weight Management System (WMS) for this pocket was an R & D can't imagine how much testing went into this design.
Check it out. Scott eVest

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