Monday, August 10, 2009

Face Trainer, Oh Yes!

Many things you can change, arms, belly, legs, butt and now your face. Not talking about plastic surgery but a Face Trainer. No not a personal Trainer that beats up your face but a mask that you wear. This is a jewel..
Your face. Naturally fit.

Say good-bye to needles and knives. The no!no! family does it again with the FaceTrainer™. The only device of its kind to be registered and listed with the FDA, the FaceTrainer™ combines facial exercise with resistance training to give your face a natural looking lift.

The Dual Power of Resisitance Trainging & Facial Exercise

Facial exercise has been proven clinically for many years to help tone the underlying muscles of the face and neck, increase blood flow, and reduce wrinkling and sagging. Regular resistance training increases muscle activity, providing a more robust and effective workout to strengthen and tone muscles. The FaceTrainer™ by no!no! uses patented technology to turn simple facial movements into a total resistance training workout. Clinical studies have shown that a 10-minute daily routine over 30 days will result in 71% reduction in sagging, 42% reduction in wrinkles, and a noticeable improvement in skin tone and color..

No recovery, no scars & no inconvenience

Like all no!no! products, the FaceTrainer™ requires commitment and consistency. But the pay-off is tremendous. No recovery, no scars & no inconvenience. Just 10 minutes a day and the FaceTrainer™ are all you need to discover newfound confidence and pride in a younger, healthier looking you.