Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inner Cooler, Keeping You Cool!

This has to be told and all have to start to use this product. What a way to keep you cool, lower your body temp and make you feel good.
The Inner-Cooler Performance Wrap is a personal under garment which uses state of the art “convection” technology to control the wearer’s body temperature in hot climates and during strenuous activity.

Tests show the Inner Cooler reduces the negative effects of an elevated body core temperature by quickly drawing heat away from the surface of the skin and dissipating it into the air through evaporation. The result is improved comfort and performance.

Athletes using the Inner-Cooler report better endurance, less dehydration and quicker recovery times. Just like an engine runs better, longer, and develops more power when it stays cooler, so does your body.

The Inner-Cooler Performance Wrap can be worn before during and after an event. It fits nicely under a jersey, chest protector or neck brace, is simple to use, durable and machine washable.

The 1970s saw water cooling increase motorcycle engine performance by leaps and bounds… In 2009 the Inner-Cooler Performance Wrap does the same for your body… MORE