Monday, June 07, 2010

Freeflow Slacklines

Any Product that helps train your core is the way to go. Freeflow is second to non.

Plain and simple the sport is called slacklining. The "rope", which is called webbing, isn't pulled tight like a tighrrope. This is what makes slacklining so unique. The ability to bounce and sway allows you to build superb balance while maximizing your core strength.

The tensioning systems on all Freeflow Lines are so easy to set up and use that anyone can quickly adjust the line to their specific liking. Lines can be set super tight for jumping and aerial tricks. Go for moves like the 180, 360, Moon Walk - and if you really get good nail the backflip!

Looking to really build your balance and put a little wobble in your step? The line can be set loose and it will provide you with a really nice back and forth sway that mimics the motion of carving on a surfboard, snowboard, wakeboard or skateboard. Many board and ball training systems exist, but none offer the full range of motion that Freeflow Lines provide.