Monday, December 13, 2010

Classic Looking Burton Boards retro 1983

Old School
New School
Nothing beats an old school look to the ones that started this sport 25+ years ago. The boards were heavy but it really felt like you were surfing. Back of the board was either a split tail or straight and unless you were in powder it was a bear to turn.

Burton teamed up with BCs Noboard crew to develop the No Fish Snowboard—a powder board designed to be used without those movement-hindering binding thingies. By using a grippy pad instead of bindings, the No Fish allows you to move around and ride like you were on a surfboard. Just like the Fish, this Burton board includes a fast Sintered WFO Vision base and responsive Powder Fly II wood core. The No Fish also uses an S-Rocker to combine standard and reverse-camber shapes for a unique ride on the white waves.