Monday, December 13, 2010

North Face Apogee Jacket

If you are skiing 60+ days a year, in some pretty harsh conditions this jacket is for you. The North Face ApoGee Jacket.
Staying true to the styles of yesterday and encompassing the technology of today, the Steep Tech™ Apogee Jacket offers nearly invincible protection against winter's fury. Constructed with Kevlar®-reinforced shoulders for high-risk mountain descents, this burly jacket includes an array of technical features that athletes rely on for all-day use.
Designed in part with The North Face® athlete and extreme skiing pioneer, Scot Schmidt, the geometric Steep Tech™ logo (on torso) is derived form something Joseph Campbell (an American mythologist) used in his lectures. Schmidt says, “I believe he called it the ‘Sphere of the Physique’. It represents a healthy balance between the mind, body and soul. The outer circle represents the body. The center dot represents your soul. The line separates your ego from your source (soul).”