Thursday, October 23, 2014


$50, best gift this season.
The COLDAVENGER® CLASSIC FLEECE half-mask is the standard for lightweight warmth and breathability and will provide the perfect level of protection for most wintertime adventure. It is made with a breathable, quick-drying and non-pilling classic fleece that offers superior warmth without weight.

The patented, medical grade COLDAVENGER® ventilator allows you to breathe freely while keeping your face dry and your airways relaxed with warm and humidified air.

The COLDAVENGER® CLASSIC FLEECE design allows you to wear the half-mask as a neck gaiter when full coverage is not needed. It is also built with a hidden “nose-wire” over the nose-bridge of the ventilator and the soft and stretchy hook & loop closures that allow for a custom fit and universal sizing. Wear the COLDAVENGER® CLASSIC FLEECE . Stay out longer®!

Classic 200 weight fleece breathes and insulates very well and is mildly wind and water resistant. It is great for those who are less active or moving slower in the cold, or need more breathability.
Form-fitting half-mask design protects face, neck, ears and airway from cold weather
Soft medical grade and non-toxic polyurethane ColdAvenger® ventilator is comfortable and inherently antimicrobial.
ColdAvenger® ventilator allows you to breathe freely during outdoor activities while managing exhaled moisture off the facial skin.
ColdAvenger® ventilator passively warms and humidifies dry and cold winter air to promote airway health in the cold.
Hidden nose-wire improves comfort and customization of fit.
Designed to fit with goggles and helmets.
Helps prevent the fogging of goggles.
Adjustable, removable interior valve designed to disrupt the direct inflow of cold air.
Generous hook and loop closure design allows for a custom fit and universal sizing.